Butt Plugs

Whether you prefer small and discreet butt plugs or more advanced and sizable butt plug

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Vibrating Butt Plugs
Vibrating butt plugs are amazing sex toys that add even more stimulation to your anal play. If you are searching for vibrating butt plugs, we at Nokta Shop offer a range of different shapes and sizes to accommodate to any preference. These vibrator butt plugs also come with various speed settings that are incredibly stimulating during anal play. Play straight away.

Tail Butt Plugs
Ever considered the sexy possibilities of a Tail Butt Plug? Our selection of furry tail butt plugs will take your role playing up a notch and add the fur to your furry fantasies. You can enjoy a butt plug tail during all sorts of role playing and anal activities for that added element of fuzzy fun. Butt plug tails are made with soft and luxurious faux fur for that extra kinky feel and will be the next fabulous addition to your playroom toy box.

Inflatable Butt Plugs
Inflatable butt plugs offer added stimulation to your anal play experience. Starting you off slow, these expanding butt plugs can be pumped up whilst in use and will increase in girth and length. The range of inflatable butt plugs that Nokta Shop offers includes all shapes and sizes to suit any preference. So lube up and enjoy growing anal stimulation with a sexy inflatable butt plug.

Glass Butt Plugs
With these unique glass butt plugs you can control the temperature of your anal toys and add a whole new exciting and sensual dimension to your anal play. You can heat or cool glass butt plugs in a water bath and then experience incredibly unique stimulations. If you are looking for a smooth, firm and sleek butt plug, then these glass anal plugs are ideal.

Butt Plugs
Whether you prefer small and discreet butt plugs or more advanced and sizable butt plug, Nokta Shop has the toy for you. We supply a huge range of anal butt plugs that come in various shapes, sizes, colours and materials. From vibrating, glass, inflatable and so much more, we offer a huge variety so you are sure to find the ideal toy for you.

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