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Kıbrıs erotik shop satış sitemizde avrupadan ithal bir çok sex oyuncağı bulabilirsiniz.

Sitemizden beğendiğiniz her hangi bir ürünü ister telefonla sipariş istersenizde sitemiz üzerinden çok rahat bir şekilde sipariş verebilirsiniz.Tüm siparişleriniz güvenli ve gizli paketlerdedir. Taşıma yapan kurye veya kargo firması kesinlikle ürün içeriğini bilemektedir. Ürünleriniz hediyelik ürün olarak kargo poşetlerinde yollanmaktadır. Kutu üzerinde sex shop yada seks shop gibi ibaraler bulunmaz.

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Casinolar,gece kulüpleri ve daha bir sürü farklı eğlence alternatiflerine sahip olan Kuzey Kıbrıs Türk Cumhuriyetinde (K.K.T.C) sex shop açılmasına izin verilmiyor.

Adaya tatile giden,farklı zevkler yaşamak isteyen turistler maalesef yetişkin oyuncakları satan bir mağaza bulamıyorlar. Kıbrıs’ın yerli halkı ise Güney Kıbrıs Rum Kesimine geçerek pahalı erotik ürünler almak zorunda kalıyorlar.

Bazı iç giyim mağazalarında kaçak yollarla getirilen sağlıksız ve kalitesiz erotik oyuncakların el altından satıldığı da bilinen bir gerçek.

Peki bu sorun nasıl aşılabilir? Yani, Kıbrıs’ta yaşayan insanlar güvenilir, kaliteli ve yasal seks shop alışverişin nasıl yapabilir?

Yasal sınırlar içinde kalarak, bu sorunu aşmanın yöntemi basit;

Eğer Kıbrıs’ta yaşayan biriyseniz, Türkiye’ye gelmeye yakın bir zamanda sitemize girin, kaliteli bir mağaza olan Nokta Shop’tan  huzurla alışverişinizi yapın. Arından siparişin not kısmına, Kıbrıs’a dönüş tarihinizi ve hangi havaalanından uçacağınızı belirtin.

Check in yapmadan önce, belirttiğiniz tarih ve saate aldığınız ürünleri havaalanında gizli  pakette ücretsiz teslim edelim.Güvenli, yasal ve garantili.

Bu Hizmetimiz 350 TL ve üzeri Kredi Kartı veya Nakit alışverişler için geçerlidir.

Who Are We?

Online Sex Shop in Cyprus since 2006 based in Limassol. We offer worldwide discreet delivery for Male, Female, Couples, Gay Men, and Lesbian sex toys. Huge selection on Aphrodisiac Herbal Stimulants such as tablets and drops. Big selection of erotic and sexy lingerie as in erotic costumes, body stockings, sexy underwear and many more. Huge selection of BDSM, bondage fetish suits and tools. We supply wholesale professionals and sex shops.


From ancient times, humans were trying to sculpture dildos as sex play toys to achieve the maximum sexual satisfaction and pleasure. CyprusSexShop offers this erotic pleasure in different sizes and colour options. Dildos for men and ladies. Dildos for married couples. Dildos for gay couples as in men and lesbians. Dildos with suction cup for hands free usage.

Dildos have been around for centuries going back to the ancient Greek culture and the phallic shaped stone and wood dildos. Things have changed a lot since then, and now you can find latex, silicone, crystal and metal dildos. Since they don’t require batteries, dildos are long lasting sex toys which resist the use and abuse you will give them. For vaginal or anal penetration, dildos are the best choice if you want to feel something as close to a real penis. Dildos are not limited to a particular gender; dildos can be used by men and women, be them gay, lesbian or straight. Use them alone or on with a harness for women. With hundreds of dongs to choose from, your only problem will be deciding for one.

BDSM Fetish

Our sex shops Bondage Gear department offers all sorts of Bondage accessories such as Latex suits, vinyl role costumes, restraints, Fetish, whips, paddles, Hoods, gags, handcuffs. Everything you could dream off, from mild too extreme for all sorts of Dominance, Submissive and obedience games.
This is our section that deals with all those sexy fetish clothing, garments constructed in luscious leather and lace, erotic latex, passionate PVC, and raunchy rubber for both male and female genders. If you or your lover have a fetish for hot and erotic clothing you will find it covered here in our extensive fetish clothing section.

Sexy Lingerie

Sex is a mix of sense and imagination, and what better way to stimulate your partners imagination and desire than to dress up in sensual lingerie. Sexy thongs and panties will tease your partner and make you feel sexy and in the right mood for an intimate encounter. If you are planning a hot, sexy honeymoon, pick an outfit from our bridal lingerie section. If you are feeling wild, why not grab a leather corset, or an erotic g-string? Dress up and get ready to get undressed!

Anal Sex Toys

Anal Sex toys for both men and women. Prostate massagers, anal beads, anal dildos, vibrators and anal lubricants. Cyprus Sex Shop offers the latest anal play toys that can stimulate everyones anal sexual pleausure. Anal sex is the ultimate sexual pleasure as long as you master all the hows and secrets.

Anal sex has gone from sexual taboo to being openly discussed by sex therapist and enjoyed by couples, both straight and gay. Anal sex, if practiced adequately is safe, fun, and a real pleasure. We at Drops Of Venus offer anal sex toys specially designed to provide pleasure through anal penetration. We carry small anal plugs for the beginner, big butt plugs and dildos for the experienced anal sex practitioner, prostate or male g spot massagers (known also as a-spot), and anal douches and enemas for good anal hygiene.Please keep in mind the anus does not produce lubrication naturally, so you should always use a good anal lubricant both safe for toys and condoms.

Top Sex Toy Brands

Every once and a while we come across a manufacturer whose complete range of Branded Sex Toys stands out from the crowd. In this section you will find superb ranges of toys to enhance your sex life.

Sex Toys Men

Cyprus online sex shop offers a huge erotic sex toy range for men. Masturbation sex toys for men that can restore sexual balance in men’s life. We offer Sex Dolls, vibrating Anus and Vagina. Soft pussy that can make any man change views about masturbation. Masturbation with style.

Sexual Aids

We provide only herbal CE aproved  made in Holland by Cobeco Pharma Bv products. CyprusSexShop offers the biggest selection of  Herbal Aphrodisiac Sex Enhancers that can aid everyone’s sexual life. Sex boosters  like aphrodisiac Spanish fly, Pheremones that can drive any man and woman sexually crazy. Penis enlargement pills, penis enlargement creams, penis growth enlargement pumps, premature Ejaculation delay spray, premature ejaculation delay gel, Condoms, erotic massage lubricant, anal lubricant. Please, note that we do not sell any chemical pharamceutical medicine since this act is against the law in Cyprus and in EEU countries.

Sexy Lingerie

We offer a complete line of sexy lingerie, erotic costumes for both men and women. Erotic outfits designed for to fullfill everybodys needs as of every day people, professional stripers, dancers, showmen and showwomen, theater and tv shows, bachelors and hens parties, carnaval costumes. Most clothing are design to fit all bodyshapes and in particular they are of One size. Ideal erotic outfits for the night of wedding.

Strap On

Strap ons for men, women, lesbian couples, gay men couples, straight couples that can turn sex pleasure into a sexual heaven. One size vibrating Strap ons that can suit everybody either for Anal or Vagina sex. Strap ons with big and small, black or flesh white dildos. Vibrating strap ons, that can shake rocks.


Vibrators are electric massagers that stimulate internally and externally the female genetic organs like vagina and clitoris. Some vibrators are specifically designed to stimulate the anus and prostates which makes them perfect for anal sex.

The king of sex toys is definitively the vibrator. Although it has been around for many years, only recently did it acquire its present status, coming out of the drawer and into the bedroom’s spot light. Many famous people publicly share their love of this precious toy, which comes in very different forms and shapes. We have the classic rocket-style vibrator, smooth, slick and very versatile. Then we have more modern variations in vibrating balls, clit vibrator, remote-controlled vibrators to take anywhere, double penetration vibrators, and of course the realistic penis-like vibrators. Make your pick and enjoy the fun alone or with your partner.

Women's Sex Toys

Masturbation Sex toys for ladies like vibrators and dildos. Erotic sex toys for lesbian couples that seek the ultimate sex experience in life. Sex toys for female masturbation that can help to creat many strong and hot orgasms. Erotic female toys for single women that do not wish a sex partner. Sex toys for lesbian and lesbian couples.

Sometimes it seems girls have all the fun when it comes to sex toys. Both the number of toys available and the type of toys is sometimes overwhelming. At Drops Of Venus we try to make the task of picking your perfect sex toy easier by providing detailed categories for each type of toy, be it a vaginal or g spot vibrator, a small and quiet vibrator for your clitoris, or double action vibrators for the best of both worlds. We even carry many vibrators for double penetration; you will get both anal and vaginal stimulation.
Choose from the hundreds of vibrating toys we carry and soon you will experience unequalled orgasms.

Men's Sex Toys

You have to accept it: we will not always have our sex partner by our side willing to satisfy our fantasies. When you want to go solo, we have the perfect male toy for you. Select from our life-like pussy and ass masturbators, or a vibrating vagina or a soft stroker. If you are feeling wild, why not go for one of our sexy love dolls. Nevertheless, it is not all about you. We have cock rings so your lady will enjoy too, she deserves it. How about some prostate massager she can use on you; you will be begging for more. So come on, grab your toy and start playing !


Here at Sex Shop Cyprus we stock a huge selection of Sex Toys, ranging from simple bullet vibrators to state of the art Rabbit Vibrators. We also have some of the top range Vibrators such as the Harmonie Seris and Lelo Products. Choosing the right sex toy can be a tougher choice than you might Imagine. Therefore we have tagged our products so that you can easily filter them using the "Shop By" menu on the left side. You can filter products by: Category, Body Area, Colour, Type of Dildo and Price Range. Simply Click the selection on the left.

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