Buy Best Selling Sex Toys, they are usually the best for a reason, it maybe that they are cheap or it could be that they are good quality products.

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Dildos are a classic sex toy & a great choice for your pleasures.

Choose the right Dildo and the possibilities and pleasures will be endless. Choose from Suction, Double Ended, Vibrating or Pump Action types and many more. With their realistic looks and their realistic feel your sure to have a great ride with or without a partner. Some of them have got ribs & veins and have a suction cup base to stick to most flat surfaces leaving you hands free. This Classic Sex Toy comes in all different materials from Glass, Metal, Rubber and more.

Jelly Dildos

Jelly Dildos are flexible yet firm and come in a variety of funky, bright colours. These types of sex toys often have bulbous heads and textured shafts to stimulate your intimate parts.

Large Dildos

Large Dildos are the only choice when you want that fullfilling feeling of something big & large inside of you. Alot of people enjoy a Large Dildo as they are thick, long and some of them are massive. These Large Sex Toys come in a variety of materials like Jelly, Rubber, Glass, Metal & many more. So broswe our range of Big Dildos and choose that Large Toy for your pleasures & orgasms.

Anal Dildos

Anal Dildos are a great choice for men & women. Men use an Anal Dildo to hit their prostate and this triggers some great climaxes. But don’t worry ladies we have you covered too, simply look for the anal probes that are tapered for easy insertion and the ones with the wider base for easy extraction. Add some lube of your choice and most ladies can acheive the ultimate anal experience. Buy an Anal Tools discreetly for men & women at adultshopit.

Double Ended Dildos

Double Ended Dildos are a great choice as they come with two insertable ends you can penetrate both your vagina and anus at the same time or you can penetrate each other as a couple. A Double Ended Dildo is firm, very flexible & textured in the right places, your pleasures will be endless. So whatever you do with these quality Double Enders your sure to have some fun and orgasms, 

Glass Dildos

Glass Dildos are made from high quality, hand blown, premium materials that can be heated up or cooled down for temperature play. A Glass Dildo is also ideal as they are non porous, very safe to use and very easy to clean. Some are designed to tone up those pelvic floor muscles and come in different beautiful shapes, sizes and textures. So take your time and browse these glass sex toys and choose the one that’s right for your pleasures, 

Metal Dildos

Metal Dildos are a fantastic choice & are beautifully made from stainless steel. With their gorgeous curves & smooth bodies there’s surely a Metal Dildo for you. These Metal Sex Toys can be heated up or cooled down for different sensations and not only feel great they look good too,

Realistic Dildos

Realistic Dildos look & feel like a real penis, with their fleshlike colours & rippling veins no wonder the Realistic Dildo is a popular choice. Most of these Realistic Sex Toys have a suction cup base that sticks to most flat surfaces leaving your hands free for other things. They also have well defined heads that look just like a real penis. So Browse our great range of Realistic Toys and choose the one that’s perfect for your pleasures,

Strap On Dildos

Strap On Dildos are absolutely great for power play whether it be girl on girl action or girl on guy. Browse our selection & choose a Strap On Dildo for your pleasures. Some come with vibrating bullets and some come of part of a kit so you can interchange the dildos. They come in various shapes and sizes, some are designed to hit her g-spot while others will hit his prostate.

Vibrating Dildos

Vibrating Dildos and dongs are a fantastic Classic Sex Toy, choose a Vibrating Dildo from some of the branded names, Doc Johnson, Tantus, Basix are to name a few. Some of these Dildo Vibrators come with suction cup bases that stick to most flat surfaces so you can have a hands free ride. These dildos are very realistic in their shape and appearance & some can be used with strap on harnesses.

Best Selling Sex Toys

Buy Best Selling Sex Toys, they are usually the best for a reason, it maybe that they are cheap or it could be that they are good quality products. If you look in this category regularly you’ll see some of the most popular and best selling sex toys.

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