Istanbul Gay Bar and Club Guide

This page contains brief introductions, addresses and maps of all gay bars and gay clubs in Istanbul.

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Istanbul Gay Bar and Club Guide

This page contains brief introductions, addresses and maps of all gay bars and gay clubs in Istanbul.

First of all, this is not a dating site, when you call us or write a message and ask for escort, you will feel very insulted.
Click on the web links on the page to get more detailed information about the places, to be informed about current events and to read the visitors' comments about the places. Other gay and gay friendly sites can be found on the following links:

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In this category, free of charge information about homosexual commercial organizations or gay-friendly companies, regardless of the content of their marketed product, will be included. Especially in Istanbul, homosexuals, transvestites and transsexuals serving gyms, beauty centers, similar organizations that sell erotic products, if you want to take place here, you can contact us via the form page.
The organizations in this section are voluntarily included in the guide.

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  Istanbul Gay Cafe Pubs and Bars
Chaplin Cafe & Bar (18:00 - 02:00)
Address: İstiklal Cad. Ipek Sokak 16, Floor 3, Apartment 5 - Beyoglu, Istanbul
Web: ChaplinCafe (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of venue)
Located on the top floor of the building where Haspa Cafe & Bar was located before moving in 2018, this business has been on its way since the first half of 2011. It is an affordable place with a relaxed atmosphere, which is often sought after by young gay friends. Click here for more information, maps and reviews

Rocinante Bar (20:00 - 02:00)
Address: Öğüt Sokak, No: 6, Floor 2, Beyoğlu, İstanbul.
Web: Rocinante (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of venue)
Rocinante Bar, an informal meeting place for lesbians in the mid-2000s, was operated as a gay bar for a while. Meanwhile, Rocinante, which was closed for about a year, started to be operated as a gay place again in the middle of 2017 and soon became more popular than before. The venue hosts various events, including live music.

Chianti Bar (20: 00-02: 00)
Address: Istiklal Street, Balo Sokak No: 31, Floor 2-Beyoglu, Istanbul.
Web: ChiantiBar (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of venue)
From the Istiklal Street to the Balo street close to Galatasaray, Nevizade street that cuts the same street, go to the left immediately. There is parking across the street and a coffee shop on the ground floor. Evening hours until 9-10 in the calm of the cafe, a place to chat easily. From 10 am to 2 am, live music is offered 1-2 days a week for those who want a more lively atmosphere and want to have fun. Depending on the intensity on the weekends they stay open until 04:00 in the morning.

Purple Cat Cafe (18:00 - 00:00)
Address: İstiklal Cad. Imam Adnan Sok, No: 7 / Kat 3, Beyoglu, Istanbul.
Web: MorkediCafe (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of venue)
Mor Kedi, one of the most veteran of Beyoğlu's current gay venues, changed hands in 2013 but did not change its style and mass. The place, which is generally visited early in the day when young homosexuals hang out and is known to have reasonable prices, is located on the 3rd floor of Building 7 on the left when you enter Imam Adnan Street from Istiklal Street.

Pinocchio Bar
Address: İstiklal Cad. Buyukparmakkapi Sok, No: 26, Beyoglu, Istanbul.
Web: PinocchioBar (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of the place)
Pinocchio Bar is a gay place with a live music concept. It is the place where different shows are held on some days of the week. Pinocchio Bar, which was closed for a while in 2018, announced on February 1, 2019 that it will be reopened in its old style with the announcement made on the Facebook page of the place.

Durak Bar & Pub (20: 00-02: 00)
Address: Muratpasa Street, No 9, Yusufpasa, Aksaray, Istanbul
Web: DurakBar (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of the place)
Since it was operated as a pasham bar for a while, it is a place that is completely different from the gay clubs of Taksim, which is also known as Pasham (similar to Degirmen, which was closed in 2008 in Aksarayda). Entertainment starts before midnight, almost every night alaturca-style live music is served and tables are served in pub / tavern-style tables. The place caters mostly to mature, masculine hanging, bear and bear-loving homosexuals. When you go by Aksaray Yusufpaşa tram stop to the right of the back side to the right if you enter the street is on the left. The entrance is directly opposite the Bern Hotel.

Tekyön Club (22: 00-05: 00)
Address: Sıraselviler Caddesi, No 63/1 Beyoğlu. Istanbul.
Web: Tekyon (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of the place)
Lastly, in May 2009, Tekyön moved to a bigger place than before and moved all the customers to the space and still maintains its popularity. The last places are located on the left side before arriving to the German Hospital in case of entering from Sıraselviler street Taksim. Tekyön brings together a lot of homosexuals who will never be seen in any other club in Istanbul, especially on weekends. Tekyön, which was more popular among bear and bear lovers in its early years, now has a customer profile from all walks of life. The club has a very limited women / trans quota practice that has led to controversy regarding LGBT rights. The place, which is mostly Turkish pop music, has a very friendly atmosphere where arrogant customers are in the minority. Especially the friendly and entertaining feminine waiters and drag-queen shows, which are exhibited in the famous place every Tuesday night and where their waiters perform as women, have become traditional. While there are a lot of gay bars and clubs run by homosexuals, the fact that Tekyön is not even gay is one of the reasons why they are more moderate in terms of cloakroom and entrance fees, and that their employees, including security guards standing at the door, are more sincere and friendly than the staff of other gay venues. .

Super Fabric Club (23:00 - 05:00)
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi, No: 42 Elmadag / Sisli, Istanbul
Web: SuperFabric (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of venue)
Super Fabric, which opened in late October 2014, is a continuation of X Large in Beyoğlu for those who know the gay nightlife of Istanbul, although it is a new name. The club, which was opened by the former operators of X Large who moved from Beyoğlu to Maslak in 2013, seems to make a name for itself with its showy and professional shows. The SuperFabric, which makes a very quick start at the new location, is open every day except Monday and Tuesday nights. They receive an entrance fee which is slightly above average on the weekends, but it is not easy to ensure the continuity of the quality shows they exhibit, as those who understand a little of this work. The location is located on the right side from Taksim to Harbiye, on the opposite side of the main street of Konak Hotel in Elmadag. The entrance of the club does not face the main street, but towards a small cul-de-sac that forms a recess towards the end of the excursion park. (Opposite Sultana's Club)

Love Club (23:00 - 05:00 - Friday and Saturday)
Address: Cumhuriyet Caddesi No: 349 Harbiye Istanbul.
Web: LoveDancePoint (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and comments of place)
Love is one of the oldest gay clubs in Istanbul. In addition to the ossified gay-goers, heterosexual couples who love the jinal marginal ortam environments with homosexuals, who can be defined as curious, are also frequently encountered. It is usually open on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights, although it changes from time to time. They don't make much concessions about the entrance fee, except for the regulars. As is the case in almost all of these clubs, prices are slightly above average, but it can be said that the space is worth the difference with its ventilation system, show and music quality.

Club 17 (23: 00-05: 00)
Address: Zambak Sokak, No: 9, Taksim, Istanbul.
Web: Club17 (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of venue)
Club 17 can be recommended especially for rent boy and loud techno & club style music lovers. Transsexuals and transvestites are hung in the place as well as gay customers of different ages and styles. Generally, we recommend that you pay attention to the people you meet in the places where these rent-boys are frequently mounted. Club 17 is a crowded place, usually during weekdays, but it is due to the free-standing young people rather than the gay customers. It can even be said that for gay customers who are not obsessed with quality and like masculine bisexual / active young people, the environment is more fun than other gay-weighted clubs.

X Large Club (23: 00-05: 00)
Address: Atatürk Oto Sanayi Sit. 52.Sok. No: 12/1, Maslak, Sarıyer / İstanbul Get Directions You should purchase Super Page to claim this business.
Web: XLargeClub (Click to see pictures, videos, maps and reviews of venue)
X Large Club, which opened its doors in the old Al Hamra Cinema in Kalavi Street in Beyoğlu towards the end of the 2000s and was known for its high quality at that time, was a place that mainly appealed to gay people until it moved to its new place. After moving to its current location in Maslak Oto Sanayi Sitesi around 2013, it became a mix club by moving away from the gay venue. Gay Friendly Bars & Clubs
The spaces in this section are not gay-dominated and do not have a distinct gay atmosphere. Despite misunderstandings, we would also like to remind you that some of the places are listed on our pages only on sensations without the consent of the owners.

Asmalıpera Pub (12:00 - 05:00)
Address: Asmalı Mescit Cad. Sofyali Sok No: 1, Beyoglu, Istanbul Get Directions
Web: / AsmalıPera
This site, which has been confirmed to be LGBT friendly by its operators, has been reported by a site visitor as follows: "It is a place where gays of all ages can easily hang out and chat and meet new people. The space operators are also very friendly and tolerant. Ideal for first dates." (11 July 2016)

Other Gay / Gay Friendly Places in Istanbul

Gay Friendly Hotels in Istanbul
Unfortunately, there are no gay-friendly hotels for local customers in Istanbul. However, with our agreement with Agoda, one of the world's largest hotel reservation systems, you will now be able to see all hotels in Istanbul together, sort them by price, quality and guest rating, and instantly reserve with free cancellation options.

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