Mom Stole Lingerie from Sex Shop

Many women go to sex shops in hopes of finding that perfect piece of sexy lingerie to heat up their love life.

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Some might fear other shoppers are watching and judging them when they make a purchase or feel strange browsing the different items available to spice up their sex life.

One Australian woman recently succumbed to that fear, took what she wanted without paying and was caught on camera red-handed. A mother in Alice Springs, Australia, named Philomena Rogers, spiced things up just a little bit too much by stealing lingerie from the local Horny Devils Sex Shop. Rogers stole a fishnet dress and a simple black jumpsuit. The apparel was valued at a little under $100, but she was still convicted and fined for the offense.

Tell it to the judge

Ms. Rogers represented herself in court and did so with her baby in a stroller. She apologized to the store and offered to pay for the goods. Why did she feel the need to steal the lingerie instead of just buying it? Rogers claimed she was depressed and lost in the moment. She walked in with another shopper and began browsing the sex shop items. The shopper with her paid for their things, but Rogers continued to browse. Footage from the store showed her taking the lingerie and walking out of the store. The court noted Rogers had a clean criminal record, so she was ordered to pay for the goods and fined only $200.

Jack and Jill

Some people might feel uneasy about purchasing goods at a sex store. A solution for these shoppers wanting to spice up their sex lives without setting foot in an adult store is to shop online. With a simple mouse click, sexy items can arrive at your home in discreet packages.

The online Jack and Jill Adult Superstore lets you browse around at your leisure to find the perfect items without any uneasy feeling of watching eyes. Ms. Rogers could have gotten both items of lingerie online without the hassle of going to court, with her baby, to see embarrassing footage of herself grabbing lingerie and leaving the store. A click of a button would have been so much easier!

Visit Jack and Jill today to see our large selection of sexy lingerie for both women and men. We also carry sex toys, lubes, fetish items and more and we are confident that you’ll find something you’ll absolutely love!

Makale Tarihi: 2018-02-16

  • Mom Stole Lingerie from Sex Shop

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