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Say hello to my newest site sponsor, Nokta Sex Shop

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nokta sex shop Say hello to my newest site sponsor, Nokta Sex Shop The first thing I do when a company approaches me about advertising on my site is check out what they’re selling, how their site looks and that it doesn’t contain any offensive content. Nokta Sex Shop passed those tests.

I didn’t see jelly toys for sale and the anal toy selection looked pretty good – I didn’t immediately find any unsafe anal toys. But I can’t control what Nokta Sex Shop decides to sell in the future so, the guidelines I always preach will keep you from buying something toxic, porous or dangerous. Always go with nonporous materials for your sex toys and always make sure that an anal toy has a substantial flared base that prevents it from becoming lost in the rectum.

One thing I did notice, that I know a lot of people take issue with, is that Nokta Sex Shop has a section for “Men’s Toys”. Many in the sex-positive community would like to see retailers avoid gendering their selection of products. Most would rather see these categories simply labeled as “penis toys”, “prostate toys”, etc. It’s more inclusive of people who are not gender binary.

Nokta Sex Shop sells products from several companies that I like and recommend, such as We-Vibe, Sliquid, Fun Factory, Tantus and more. They also carry products from companies that I don’t endorse, like Pipedream. But I realize it’s difficult to find more affordable sex toys without going to companies like Pipedream.

I asked the Nokta Sex Shop team a few questions so you can get a sense of what kind of company it is and what their mission will be going forward.

1. What inspired you to create Nokta Sex Shop ?

The sex toy industry has always been a taboo subject to talk about, and we don’t see a reason for that. Nokta Sex Shop was started as a challenge to change the perception of sex toys to consumers and hopefully the industry. Sex toys are now less about reproducing anatomically accurate body parts. They are more about building the right form, and providing the right controls. We strive to educate and deliver a more sex-positive message to our consumers about this industry.

2. What makes your shop special/different ?

We feel that sex toys and porn are two separate industries, but if you discuss sex toys to some, it always seems to have a porn-centric connotation. All of the sites we have visited felt very unsafe to shop from and always screamed pornography. This idea inspired us to create Nokta Sex Nokta Sex Shop is a place where consumers can browse and shop comfortably without the “in your face” visuals. Our site was intentionally designed to remain clear of clutter (less “spammy”) and focuses on the products themselves.

Another reason that sets us apart is that we want our users to learn about sexual health, sex toys, and to be able to find products that would best fit them. We want to focus on education as much as we can so that our users will can gain the best knowledge and be able to pick the best toys whether they are a seasoned veteran or a beginner or just simply curious.

3. What kind of products do you want to focus on carrying ?

We focus on high-end, body-safe sex toys In doing this, customers can come to our store and shop with confidence that what they are going to buy will be safe. Safety is one less thing to worry about, and gives shoppers the freedom to browse for what they want. The goal is to have our customers understand that each product has been reviewed by our team to be body-safe. If there are any concerns with our toys, we will remove it from our product line until further notice.

4. What do you want my readers to know about you and your shop ?

We are a new start up with no funding, no backing, and we are also new to the industry, but do not discount us based on this. In addition to trying to offer the best competitive prices and bundles, we are working on sourcing bloggers to help us educate others. We want your readers to give us a chance for their business, know that they aren’t supporting big corporate leaders in the industry but helping out a small business. We do our best to offer discounts on our products and stay competitive with our price points. We’d love to hear from them and any suggestions they have!

So, it sounds like Nokta Sex Shop is headed in the right direction and that they genuinely want to offer their customers a better shopping experience. I like that they have made a commitment to selling body-safe toys and it’s great that they also want to focus on education.


Vibrators are one of the most popular sex toys today. They are typically fashioned from silicone, plastic, jelly, or latex, and they are styled to produce vibrations on the skin for the purposes of building sexual stimulation toward a goal of orgasmic release. Vibrators come in a variety of shapes and styles, making it possible to find one that is perfect for you. Vibrators are meant for use with a person's most sensitive (erogenous) zones, including the vagina, clitoris, vulva, and anus. Male versions are styled to excite a man's penis, anus, or prostate.   

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Luxury vibrators offer an exceptional range of quality created through their use of superior designs, top-of-the-line materials, and powerful functionality. As upscale play toys for adults, they are styled to enhance bodily pleasure in order to produce the highest level of sexual stimulation and orgasmic release. Designer sex toys deliver superior performance and feel better than many of their lower-end counterparts, making them the better choice for enthusiastic vibrator users. Typically, they are rechargeable, eliminating the frustration of losing power during playtime!


Couples sex toys are intended to enhance the sexual gratification a couple can achieve together for a shared experience of orgasm-releasing stimulation. They are meant to enhance the sexual experience for both partners rather than being solely designed for one individual or as a substitute. A wide variety of play toys are currently available for adults looking to increase the pleasure they feel during a sexual interaction with a loved one.


Bullet vibrators have slim designs and are shaped like bullets, giving them a discreet appearance. Their small size allows them to be hidden in a small place so that you can keep your play toy to yourself. While bullet vibrators are meant for either individual or couples sex play, they are designed for stimulating the clitoris only in order to prevent losing them within your private parts. Despite their sleek design, bullet vibrator sex toys are powerful enough to enhance clitoral stimulation that increases the pleasure of orgasmic release. 

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