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Ok so I would go so far as to say that many women see watching porn & using sex toys as a taboo, but why is that ?

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nokta sex shop Ok so I would go so far as to say that many women see watching porn & using sex toys as a taboo, but why is that? It's a naughty pleasure that really who is it harming? Yes you need to look past the bad acting, questionable attire (until it comes off) & script that really has no plot at all but hey it's all in good fun! Your right who really pays a 'pool boy' these days when a Barracuda creepy crawly does it all for you automatically at the flick of a switch!? Obviously people that are wanting a good time & walk around in racy lingerie all day everyday that's who!

Ok so now I'll come to my point, these movies aren't produced to become a blockbuster hit for the big screen they are created to get your imagination running & even picturing yourself in a similar situation when perhaps primal instincts take over all rational thought & a cute pizza guy comes a knocking to give you a hand or two!  It doesn't have to be a solo affair. Get your partner involved, porn & sex toys go hand in hand for instance our new Wi-Vibe (FV076) which is designed for use by partners in intimate times to enhance the pleasure or even our Double Vibrating Egg (FV002)? Be inventive how about turn up the vibrator dial to max & use one egg on her clitoris & the other just under his testicles or in his 'back passage'? Porn gets couples to try new things, perhaps a new position or try a sex toy in a way that is not the norm yet brings a new sensation that perhaps you both have never even felt before?

It is healthy to engage in sexual activity they say you burn off more calories in a single bedroom session than a run of the same time span! Now surely that is incentive enough? Add to that the increase in heart rate which strengthens your valves & gets your blood coursing through your body, increases in your oxygen levels & quickens metabolism. It's all good stuff! A sedentary lifestyle will only serve to decrease your body's ability to work in later life (twilight years) when it is most needed, everything is much harder your organs are just as old as you are & all of a sudden a walk to the bedroom is a struggle let alone doing anything physical in there.

It's not too late! Time to branch out a little, get out of your comfort zone grab that porno & strap in (literally- bed restraints (FT015) as a suggestion) & let the health benefits of a rigorous sex life get you into the best shape of your life! The experts at are always happy to help with any need you might have, perhaps you are looking for a sex toy but can't find it anywhere just ask & we can offer a comparable suggestion or even specially get it in for you! With a huge range of sex toys & adult products from rabbit cock ring vibrators (M010) to a remote control vibrator (FV065) that he can control you will be sure to find something to satisfy every sexual need you might have!

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  • Sex Toys Healthy Living

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